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My Weekend in Chosica – Mi Fin de Semana en Chosica

Posted on: July 14, 2010

A few weeks ago I wrote about my visit to a place called Chosica.  We went for the day to visit Luis’ aunt and uncle.  This weekend we returned to Chosica for a bit of R&R.  We went to a Centro de Esparcimiento (Recreation Center) called Los Arrayanes (http://www.losarrayanesperu.com/).  There are a lot of places like this in Chosica where people go for the weekend to camp, relax and have some fun.

We went to Chosica with Luis’ cousin Angel and his friend from Germany, Nancy.  Both Luis & Angel had to work Saturday morning, but the plan was to leave at 12:00 pm en punto (on the dot).  Of course, in typical Peruvian fashion, it was almost 1pm by the time we finally left.  We took a taxi from our apartment in Miraflores directly to Los Arrayanes.  Normally, this would have taken about 1.5 hours, however. we encountered some road work and got stuck in traffic for what seemed like forever!  Strangely, the sun decided to shine in Lima on Saturday afternoon and, although I have been complaining about freezing to death, we were roasting in the taxi as we sat in traffic and only moved a short distance about every 10 minutes.  We finally arrived at our destination at about 3:15pm.

There are places to camp in tents at Los Arrayanes, but since we have neither a tent nor sleeping bags nor any other camping equipment for that matter, we decided to rent a “bungalow”.  It was basic but clean and functional.  It was equipped with dishes & utensils for cooking, a 2-burner table-top gas stove and a small fridge.   We just had to bring our own sheets and towels.   Here is one of the 2 bedrooms, the kitchen and the dining room/living room.

This is the view from our bungalow of the picnic table and parrilla (BBQ).   The other picture is Nancy with our bungalow in the background.

It was beautiful and sunny while we were there and the grounds were very nicely maintained.  There were also lots of places for day use to have picnics and BBQs, as well as places for the kids to play.

At the base of the mountain, just beyond the trees, is the Río Rímac (Rimac River).  It’s quite small, but clean and tranquil.

Apart from camping, there are a number of activities that you can do at Los Arrayanes such as horseback riding, cuatrimotos (ATVs), camas elásticas (trampoline), pedal boats and games like fulbito (fussball).  We were all excited to go horseback riding, but when we arrived and learned what “horseback” riding really meant, we all felt a bit engañado (deceived).  There was one lonely, old  horse and the ride consisted of them leading you around a ring two times.  Not exactly worth it!  Needless to say, we didn’t do any horseback riding.  The ATVs were almost just as bad.  Again, it included two times around a small, round track.  The good thing was that it was very cheap – just 2 soles – so Angel & Luis both tried it.

Los Arrayanes also has a very nice swimming pool.   Although the sun was shining, right when we decided to go swimming the wind picked up so it was a little chilly.  Also, Luis doesn’t know how to swim.  I have never met anyone that doesn’t know how to swim before so this was a little strange for me.  The idea was that I was going to try to teach him.  Let’s just say I didn’t have much success.  Try to explain to someone, in a foreign language, how to float.  Plus he refused to put his head in the water because he didn’t want to get water in his ears!  I have my work cut out for me, but I am determined that one day he will learn how to swim.   In any event, I enjoyed the pool!

Finally, the weekend wouldn’t be complete without a bit of vodka on Saturday night.  This is the four of us after played a drinking game  for about an hour.  We are a little tired and drunk, but having fun!  Chosica is a great place to go for the weekend to relax and have some fun.  I hope we get to go back again soon!


3 Responses to "My Weekend in Chosica – Mi Fin de Semana en Chosica"

I am in Peru since 19 August, for my job (I come from France) and leave the 21 OCtober. Still no week end outside of Lima, but I plan to go at Chosica next saturday (or Huacanchayo maybe). My problem : I don’t speak Spanish (few words, and difficult to understand, but I am quite fluent in English). Do you know if there is public transportation to go there and where can I take a bus ?
By the way, I read some post of you (not all !!) and if you want we meet us to share ideas/plans/visit for the short time I have, I would be very happy.

where do you guys buy camping equipment online ?`~;

We don’t actually own any camping equipment. We staying in little bungalows in Chosica.

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