Karencita de Perú

Companies in Peru – Empresas en Perú

Posted on: June 26, 2010

As I described in a prior post, there are a lot of North American stores, businesses and restaurants here.  However, there are also a large number of Peruvian companies that are very prominent and popular.

Apart from Scotiabank, there are a number of other Peruvian and South American banks here.  One of the most prominent is Banco de Crédito BCP.  This is the bank I have been to in order to pay the maintenance bill for our apartment.  Other banks include Banco Continental, Interbank, Banco Financiero and Banco de la Nación.

Two popular shoe stores are Platanitos Boutique and Ecco.  I’ve taken a quick look in both and the styles seem comparable to what we have in Canada.  I haven’t spent that much time shopping for shoes as I managed to bring enough with me and already have a problem finding room for them in the closet.  Having said that, I have bought one new pair since I arrived.

There are a ton of boticas (pharmacies ) here.  Two blocks from our apartment there are three pharmacies next to each other.  InkaFarma and Arcángel seem to be the most prominent.  We usually go to the InkaFarma in the photo as Luis collect points here.  The week we were sick, I think we were here 4 times in 5 days!

Fastfood isn’t all McDonald’s and Burger King.  There is a national Peruvian hamburger chain called Bembos which is very popular.  I have eaten here once.  It is cheaper than McDonald’s and the meat tasted different to me.  However, I haven’t eaten at McDonald’s yet so maybe the meat is different in general.  Bembos servers hamburgers which have a Criollan twist that include things like plátano frito (fried banana), salsa criolla or papas al hilo (shoestring potatoes).  It adds an interesting twist to a plain old hamburger.

Another popular type of restaurant is Pollo a la Brasa or Parilla which is flamed grilled chicken similar to Nando’s but with a different flavor.   It comes with 3 different dipping sauces, of which my favorite is ají – the spicy one!  Pardo’s, Norky’s and Roky’s rule the roost in this category.  I have been to Pardo’s a number of times as there is one a few blocks from where we live and they have 2 for 1 Happy Hour on  weeknights!  I think Pardo’s is better than Norky’s but Norky’s is a bit cheaper.  I haven’t tried Roky’s yet.  This type of food is huge here and they have just named the third Sunday in July as Día del Pollo a la Brasa (grilled chicken day).  Pardo’s is a franchise and there is actually one in Florida!  It could be an interesting business opportunity in Canada!


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