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The World Cup – La Copa Mundial

Posted on: June 23, 2010

Being a Latin American country, The World Cup is a big deal here in Peru.  All the games are broadcast on both TV and radio.  RPP, the radio station I usually listen to, is broadcasting the games live from South Africa 3 times per day which is messing up the regular program schedule.  I am not a big fan of listening to fútbol on the radio and have switched to listening to CKNW when the games are on.  It has actually been kind of nice to catch up on Canadian news, although I am getting sick of hearing about the HST!!!

Anyway, on Saturday we went to Lima”s historic city center.  In the Plaza Mayor they have set up a huge stage and video screen to broadcast the World Cup games live.  We watched the last few minutes of the Cameroon versus Denmark match, along with hundreds of other spectators.

It was interesting to see how seriously everyone takes the game, even when their own team isn’t playing.  Peru, like Canada, did not qualify for the World Cup.  Unfortunately, Peru is in the CONMEBOL (South America) qualifying group which has a lot of stiff competition.  Normally Brazil, Argentina and Chile dominate this group.

As you can see, Coca Cola is a huge sponsor of The World Cup.  There is World Cup merchandise in all the stores, contests to win World Cup prizes and promotions every where.  Yesterday we got some mail from Vivanda, out local supermarket.  It contained some coupons for snacks to enjoy while watching the partidos (matches) and a “Fixture”.  Luis had been talking about this thing called a “Fixture”, however being somewhat uneducated about fútbol I really wasn’t sure what  it was.   When it arrived in the mail he was so excited.  It turns out that a “Fixture” is a list of all the groups in The World Cup which shows who is playing who and you can write in the results of each match.  On the back, you can write in who makes the group of 16, the quarter finals, semi-finals and finally the ultimate final match. It’s not really something I would get excited about but I guess for fútbol fans its important to know the results.

After each match, there is a live broadcast from the Plaza Mayor on one of the local TV channels.  We always see it on TV after the games and on Saturday we got to experience it in person.  There was a  group, which is apparently quite popular here, playing music and an announcer trying to excite the crowd for the broadcast .  What I found interesting was the band’s traditional costumes juxtaposed with the “booty” dancer’s skimpy outfits and provocative dance moves.  They totally reminded me of the dancers at a Sir Mix-A Lot rap concert I went to in Seattle during Bumbershoot in the ’90’s. Very strange!


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