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The Cats of Kennedy Park – Los Gatos de Parque Kennedy

Posted on: June 22, 2010

In a previous post about Parque Kennedy I mentioned the large cat population that lives in the park.  However, being the crazy cat lover that I am, I felt they deserved a post all to themselves. Every time I walk through the park I am fascinated by the cats.  You can spot them everywhere in the park

….around the benches

… in the plaza

… in the trees

and in the gardens.

One of the places where the cats like to hang out is by La Iglesia de la Virgen Milagrosa, the church located next to the park. Around the church there are lights in the ground the shine upward at night to illuminate it and the cats are always crowded around the lights at night to soak up the warmth.

During the day, when the sun is shining, they love to lounge on the warm cement and soft grass around the church.

The cats appear to be well cared for.  I have seen people in the park giving them check-ups or medical attention when needed.  It looks like this little guy had an injury which was looked after by a vet as he has a little shaved patch on his tummy that has been cleaned and stitched.

They are also definitely well fed.  There are signs in the park indicating that the cats should only be fed by authorized personnel and we have seen the little piles of cat food spread around the park.  However, many people still feed the cats.  One day I saw a cat gnawing on a bun and another time I saw two girls surrounded by about 8 cats which seemed a little unusual.  When I looked closer I could see it was because they were eating chicken and sharing it with their furry little friends.

One of the interesting things is to watch how the other people in the park react to and interact with the cats.  Tourists and locals alike both love to stop and pet the kitties and take photos of them.  Sometimes the cats are amenable and seek attention but I have also seen them hiss and try to bite the hand that pets them.   But really, who can blame them.  If you were trying to sleep would you want someone continually touching you and waking you up?   I think they have the right to be a little grumpy sometimes!


4 Responses to "The Cats of Kennedy Park – Los Gatos de Parque Kennedy"

What a great life those cats have. I’m jealous.

Annelea is going to love this post of yours!

I hear that some ladies feed the cats, but also that there is a move afoot to poison them for the purpose of population control. Folks should organize and oppose this on humane grounds. Low cost spaying and neutering needs to be implemented.

I have heard the same rumors about reducing the cat population in the park and hope it isn’t true. I agree that the best course of action is spaying and neutering to reduce the population humanely over time. Although I don’t think the park would be the same without the cats!

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