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Brands in Peru – Las marcas en el Perú

Posted on: June 1, 2010

There are many brand name products here which are different from those that we have in Canada.  While it is possible to find some North American brands here, like Nestle, Quaker and Kraft, these products are generally imported and much more expensive than local products.

The biggest brand name by far is Gloria.  Gloria produces dairy products like milk, yogurt, butter and cheese.  The yogurt here is interesting as it is in bottles and you drink it like YOP rather than eat it with a spoon, however, it tastes the same.  They have mango flavor which I really like.   They also have light made with Splenda which is great for me.   The other major brand of dairy products is called Laive, but I actually have never bought anything of this brand.  I’m not quite sure why… I guess Gloria does a better job of marketing.  Here is the colorful display of Gloria brand yogurt in the supermarket.

In addition to dairy products, Gloria also produces juice.  I have started to drink juice again, which is kind of bad as it has a lot of sugar, but it tastes better here.  They have the regular flavors that we have like apple, orange, pineapple and peach, but they also have some different flavors made from fruits we don’t have in Canada such as guanábana y maracuyá.  My favorites are mango and peach. One type of juice that is not common here and is very expensive is cranberry juice.   Laive also makes juice but I haven’t tried that yet either.

Here is an assortment of the Gloria products that we have at home.  They have lactose free milk and yogurt, which Luis drinks as he is a little lactose intolerant.  For me there is light yogurt and 1% milk.

The cheese here is a little disappointing.  It is mostly all white cheese like edam and gouda, which is fine, but I really miss cheddar.  On Friday night I finally found cheddar cheese in the Metro in San Isidro.  I was so happy!  I made grilled ham and cheese sandwiches with cheddar cheese for dinner that night and they were delicious.   Here is an assortment of the cheeses that are common here.

As for bread, the most common brand is Bimbo.  I usually buy this brand, but if a different one is on sale I’ll buy that one instead.  I am not as loyal to Bimbo as I am go Gloria.  They have white, whole wheat, rye and “diet” or “light” bread here.  Something I can’t find is english muffins and bagels.  In the supermarkets there is always a section where they sell baked good such as french bread, baguettes, ciabatta and croissants which are always fresh and tasty.

Salad dressing like we have in Canada is very expensive here.  I  am craving caesar salad but can’t bring myself to buy the bottle that costs 17 soles.  That is about $6 which really isn’t that expensive, but I am starting to think in Peruvian prices and relatively speaking it is an outrageous price here.  So, I have gotten used to using mayonesa cesar on my salad.  It is like mayonnaise with a bit of lime to give it a tangy flavor.  It is actually quite good and can be used on salad, with french fries or with chicken.  There are other flavors of mayonnaise here as well, along with sauces such as mustard and ketchup.  The most common brand is Ala Cena.  The Salsa Golf in the photo has a tomato flavor and tastes a bit like Thousand Islands.

As for paper products such as toilet paper and paper towel, the two most common brands are Suave and Elite.  They also have Kleenex brand tissues and Scott brand napkins, but they are generally a bit more expensive than the other brands.  I buy whatever is on sale.  At Metro they often have “3 for 2” sales and I try to buy these things when they go on sale.

Finally, there are the chocolate bars.  North American chocolate bars like M&Ms, Snickers and Milky Way are expensive… about 3 or 4 soles each.  In comparison, local chocolate bars are between 1 and 2 soles.  D’onofrio, the company that makes ice cream, also makes chocolate bars which are quite good.  I recently discovered that the cheapest place to buy chocolate is from the vendors on the bus.  On the buses here there are always people the come aboard and try to sell things like books, ornaments and candies.  You can get 3 chocolate bars for 1 soles on the bus!


1 Response to "Brands in Peru – Las marcas en el Perú"

Saludos de Queens, N.Y.
Este articulo es muy interesante porque dice; “The biggest brand name by far is Gloria. Gloria produces dairy products like milk, yogurt, butter and cheese. The yogurt here is interesting it tastes the same”. Bueno, Yo he probado Yogurt Gloria, y he podido comparar/diferenciar entre Gloria y products in EUA como Activia o Dannon. Yo me inclino por Yogurt Gloria, porque el sabor es superior sabe a fruta natural y tienen sabores Peruanos como Lucuma, Chirimoya y otros mas que EUA no tiene. Otra detalle, es que Gloria no tiene tantos preservativos u otros quimicos como los tiene los competidores de EUA. Por ejemplo, el yogurt liquido requiere poca quimica pero el yogurt en mazamorra necesita mas quimica y presevativos para cuajarla. Es un pecado que los productos Gloria no se vendan en EUA.

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