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The District of Barranco – El Distrito de Barranco

Posted on: May 27, 2010

On Sunday we went to Barranco, which is known as The Bohemian Quarter of Lima.  It is located to the south of Miraflores along the cliffs that overlook the Pacific Ocean.  We had planned to take the Metropolitano there but it turns out that it isn’t running to that area yet so we ended up walking.  Barranco is about 30 minutes walking from our place in Miraflores and there is some beautiful scenery along the way.

Barranco is one of the nicer and more interesting districts of Lima .  It is very historic and has a lot of beautiful, old architecture.   There is also a large concentration of bars and clubs that apparently make it a lively and happening place after-dark.  I haven’t been to Barranco at night yet, but hope to experience the night-life there one day soon.  See this article in Wikipedia for more information about the Barranco District.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barranco_District

One of the interesting sights in Barranco is a church called La Ermita.  An earthquake in 1940 damaged this church. The roof is still disintegrating and has not yet been repaired.

The other landmark that Barranco is famous for is El Puente de los Suspiros or The Bridge of Sighs.  It was constructed in 1876 and survived the earthquake of 1940.  The name is derived from the innumerable romances that have started in this picturesque corner of Barranco.  There exists a tradition that says that if the first time you cross the bridge you do so without breathing, your wish will be granted.

The bridge spans the Bajada de Baños, a stone walkway that runs down to the ocean.  Along the way there are numerous old homes, cafes & restaurants and some lovely flowers.

After strolling down the path a ways  you finally arrive at the breath-taking views of the Pacific Ocean.  There is a pedestrian bridge that crosses over the busy Costa Verde highway so you can enjoy the rocky beach.

Next time… Barranco Part 2, where I’ll talk about the delicious Fería de Comida and show some pictures of the beautiful main square in Barranco.


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