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Kennedy Park – Parque Kennedy

Posted on: May 6, 2010

In the middle of Lima’s upscale Miraflores neighborhood is Parque Kennedy, named after the American President John F. Kennedy.

The park is a small oasis among the buildings and the congested traffic for which Lima is famous. A paved walkway runs through the center of Parque Kennedy, which draws a good number of people from all walks of life, at all times of day.

At the southern end of the park is home to a children’s playground. There’s a good view of the very ornate Iglesia de la Virgen Milagrosa on the north end.

Parque Kennedy is across the street from Restaurant Row or as it is called by the locals “Calle de las Pizzas”, famous for its dozens of restaurants and bars that range from Italian and wood-oven pizzerias to Brazilian barbecue and Cuban dance floors. Restaurant Row is pedestrian only and packed at night, even during the work week.

On the weekends there are numerous artists selling their work in the Park.  The art is beautiful and usually very colorful.  I would like to purchase some for our apartment but I don’t think we are allowed to make holes in the walls which, by the way, are made of concrete!

The best thing about Parque Kennedy is that it is home to numerous wild cats.  Well, I am not exactly sure how wild they are as they seem pretty friendly although I haven’t actually petted one yet.  There is a sign in the park that says only authorized people are allowed to feed the cats, so I suppose they are  being looked after.  Every time I walk through the park and see a cat here and a cat there it makes me smile!


2 Responses to "Kennedy Park – Parque Kennedy"

i accidentally found ur blog and couldn’t stop reading cause i have live in miraflores all my live and it’s very interesting and funny to look to miraflores through ur eyes. i love parque kenedy, and casino fiesta and atlantic!! hope u r enjoying it! =D

Hi Dane! Thanks so much for your comments. Yes, I am enjoying Lima. Parque Kennedy is great, very relaxing and a good place for people watching!

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