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The Beach – La Playa

Posted on: May 5, 2010

On Saturday afternoon, we went to the beach.   Lima is on top of a cliff, so you have to walk down to the beach.  The street in Miraflores that takes you to the beach is called the Bajada Balta.  It is an interesting street as it is made of cobble stone and is very old and bumpy.  I managed to get a picture with no cars in it, but there is generally a lot of slow-moving traffic going up and down this hill.

As you walk down the street the ocean comes into view and it is beautiful.

It was about 5:00pm when we went to the beach and the sun sets here about 6:30pm.  It had been sunny all day but some clouds were starting to come in right when we arrived.  This is normal, it is often cloudy, or better said, foggy and misty here.  Every morning is it overcast which is very deceptive because once the clouds burn off it can get quite hot and I often end up over dressed.

The road that runs along the beach at the bottom of the cliff  is called the Costa Verde.  It is quite a view to look up at where you just came from once you are down on the beach.

The beach here in Miraflores is rocky.  It is not a nice sandy beach for swimming but rather a surfing beach.  There are a lot of surfers here and the waves can be quite big.

One of the most well-known sites in Lima is the restaurant “La Rosa Náutica” located on el Espigón 4 del limeño Cicuito de Playas  (Pier 4 of the Lima Circuit of Beaches).  It is very fancy and expensive.  I hope to be able to go one day.

Here I am on the beach.  It isn’t the most comfortable beach to sit on but people actually go there to lay in the sun!

It was nice to just go and relax for a while.  Along the beach there are vendors of food, drinks and ice cream.  There are ice cream men on yellow bicycles all over Lima.  We had an ice cream and then climbed back up the hill which made me realize what bad shape I am in!

On another note, I found Kraft Dinner here and cooked it for Luis last night for dinner.  He called it “Canadian food” and was a little scared when I open the packet of bright orange cheese powder.  But in the end he said it was good.  It tasted exactly the same as at home.  It is weird because I haven’t had Kraft Dinner in years.  I guess I had to come to Lima to re-acquaint myself with this American classic.  I also made him French toast on the weekend which he had never tried before.  Tonight we are going to cook a Peruvian dish called Causa Rellena de Camarones (it is basically two potato patties with shrimp filling  in the middle).  If it turns out I will take a picture and post it.


3 Responses to "The Beach – La Playa"

i guess u have already walk by the Malecon de miraflores (thats were i live) , if u haven’t u have to go right now!! the parks are very very beautiful! i think ur canadian family & friends would like the pictures! and i totally recommend Rosa Nautica, is very expensive as u said, but totally worth it! and the view in the restaurant it’s amazing!

Yes, I have walked along the Malecon de Miraflores, but haven’t taken very many photos there yet. I am waiting for a sunny day! I will do a story about it soon!

The beach rocks remind me of some of the beaches in Nova Scotia. It is especially nice warming up on beach rocks that have been sitting in the sun all day long.

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