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The Apartment Building – El Edificio

Posted on: May 1, 2010

I want to show you all a bit more about the building where we live.  The door in the background is the entrance to our apartment – #401.  The lock on the door is a little tricky and it has a tendency to open by itself if you don’t lock it from the inside using the key.  The open entryway on the left is the stairwell and the elevator is just out of the picture, also on the left.

Practically right outside our door is the garbage chute.  I love this thing… so convenient!  However, there is something that is a little hard to get used to here.  There is no recycling… everything goes in the garbage from plastic bottles to cardboard to glass.  Actually, the one thing we aren’t allowed to put in the garbage chute is glass (that’s what the sign says).  We just have to leave it with the doorman and he gets rid of it for us.

Here is the doorman’s desk on the main floor.  He isn’t in the picture as he was outside cleaning the front entrance when I took the picture.  It is a very well-maintained, clean building.  It is nice to have the added security of a doorman and they are very friendly.  There are actually two doormen that work different shifts, but I don’t know their names yet.

Here is the outside of the building – #229.  The window outlined in red is our living window and the one in blue is our bedroom window.

The large wooden door on the right is the entry to the underground parking.  We have a parking spot, but don’t have a car.  Luis told me that the cousin of one of the doormen wants to rent it from us.  Why not!  We aren’t using it anyway and it will bring us a little more income.

There is something interesting about the structure of this building.  When the cars enter the driveway, you can actually see them from the stairwells as the entire center of the building is open.   Here is a photo of the driveway once the cars enter (I took this picture at night and it was dark so it isn’t very good).

The good thing about having this open area is that we actually have a window in the kitchen which is on the wall opposite to the living room window.  Here is our window from the outside as you can see it from the stairwell.

Next time, I’ll take you on a little tour of the neighborhood.

FYI…you can double click on the photos to make them bigger!


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