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Where I Live – Donde Vivo

Posted on: April 29, 2010

In a previous post I had put some pictures of the apartment where I would be living.  However, that was before I saw it for myself and really knew how it was going to be.  Now that I am here and living in the apartment I can comment further.

Overall, I am happy with the apartment.  The location is very good.  I am about a block and a half from Vivanda (a 24 hour supermarket) and 2 blocks from Larco (a main street in Miraflores with lots of shops).  It is a 10 minute walk to Parque Kennedy (a park with lots of wild cats), Metro (another supermarket) and Ripley (a big department store).  The apartment is big enough and the porteros (doormen) are very nice.

Here is the area where I work.  The desk, which is really a dressing table, is a little small and I need to get a proper chair and a table to put my printer on, but it is functional.

Yesterday I want and bought some baskets to better organize my things on the shelves in the living room.  Here is the living room now.  It still needs a little work, but we are getting there.

Here is the view from our apartment.  We have a lot of windows and get a lot of light which is nice.

There are, however, a few things that are not ideal.  First, our apartment is across the street from a parking lot.  This shouldn’t be a big deal, except for the fact that car alarms are going off all the time.  I am not sure what it is about car alarms in Lima, but you hear them everywhere all the time.  Here is a picture of the parking lot.  Another interesting thing is that a parking lot is called a “Playa” here which literally means “beach” in Spanish.  I haven’t quite figured out why yet.

The other not so pleasant thing is that on Saturday morning, my first morning here, I found a cockroach!  It was big and I was here alone and I had to kill it with my shoe.  Here it is, dead!

Luis told me that they are common here.  I bought some spray, but haven’t used it yet.  Thankfully, I haven’t seen another one.

We have also had problems with the dryer.  It basically doesn’t dry anything and makes a terrible sound.  A technician came yesterday but didn’t fix it.  Another guy was just here this morning and took a part with him.  I think he is going to return later with a new part… at least I hope so!  Clothes do not dry quickly by air here due to the humidity.  I washed the towels 3 days ago and they are still damp!


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That is a big “La Cucaracha.”

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