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Our Apartment in Lima – Nuestro Departamento in Lima

Posted on: April 19, 2010

Only 5 more days and I will be in Lima!   The countdown has begun and I am getting more and more excited every day.

One of the things I am really looking forward to seeing in person is our apartment.  We decided on this apartment over 2 weeks ago, but it has taken a lot of discussion with the owner’s representative, translation of the contract to English and emails back and forth to get to the point of signing the contract… which I finally just completed tonight.

Our apartment is located in the district of Miraflores, one of the 43 districts within the Metropolitan area of Lima.  Miraflores is known for its shopping areas, gardens, flower-filled parks and beaches and is one of the most upscale, tourist-friendly areas of Lima.   The apartment is located on calle Bolivar and by coincidence is 2 blocks away, on the same street as the apartment where I stayed the last time I was in Lima.  I am familiar with the area, it is safe and I will feel comfortable living here.

It is a one bedroom, 700 sq. foot (65 m2) furnished apartment.   Here are some pictures.

The kitchen…I hope I can get used to a gas stove.  The appliance beside the fridge is a washer & dryer in one!

The living room… it has a sofa bed so please feel free to visit if you don’t mind sleeping in the living room.  The area by the door is where I plan to put my desk and work from home.

The bedroom…it has a large closet, a queen sized bed and a dressing table which I plan to use as my desk in the living room.

The bathroom… it actually has a counter top around the sink which is a rare thing as most apartments have pedestal sinks, plus is has a cupboard where I can store all my stuff!


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