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Latin Food in Vancouver – La Comida Latina en Vancouver

Posted on: April 14, 2010

We all know that Vancouver is known for its wide variety of ethnic restaurants… Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indian, Italian, Greek, etc.  But how many of you have tried an authentic Latin restaurant other than Mexican?  If you haven’t I highly recommend it.  The food is unique and delicious!  There are two places in particular where I have eaten and that I would recommend.

The first, of course, is a Peruvian restaurant.  It is called El Inka Latin Deli (3826 Sunset St., Burnaby.  Close to Burnaby Hospital).  It servers Peruvian and Colombian cuisine.  Don’t let the appearance from the outside scare you as this is somewhat of a whole in the wall.  However, the service is friendly, the place is clean, the prices are very reasonable and best of all the food is awesome!!  I have taken some friends and family there and they all loved it.  I suggest that you try the Jalea Mixta (mixed seafood), Chicharrones con Cassava (crispy fried pork with yuca fries), Lomo Saltado (sauteed beef) and Causa (chicken & veggies stuffed between puréed potatoes).  Below is a photo of the Ají de Gallina – my favorite Peruvian dish.  It consists of chicken in a rich, creamy sauce made with Ají, a type of hot pepper.  It is served over potatoes with a side of rice and always comes with a hard boiled egg on top.  Nothing low carb about it, but it is sure worth it!

The second place I would suggest you try is an El Salvadorian Restaurant on Commercial Drive (2062 Commercial Dr., Vancouver) call El Rinconcito.  I went there for the first time tonight with some friends.  While the music was a little loud, the atmosphere was casual and friendly.  We all thoroughly enjoyed our meals.  I had Pupusas, which is the traditional dish that El Salvador is best known for.  They were great!

So even if you can’t visit me in Perú, you can still experience a little Latin culture right here in Vancouver the next time you are looking for somewhere different to eat.  ¡Buen Provecho!


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