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Farewell Party – Fiesta de Despedida

Posted on: April 13, 2010

Today was my farewell party at RGF. It was a great day with so many kind words and such great support from a fantastic group of people. At the same time, I can’t help feeling sad to be leaving. RGF has been a huge part of my life over the past 13 and a half years and I will miss so many things about it… the work, the learning, the challenges and most of all the people. Here we are enjoying the pizza!!

Jim Rogers hired me in October 1996 and gave me the opportunity to learn and grow under his guidance. I have to credit Jim with teaching me great organizational skills and excellent attention to detail. Thanks Jim!

After working for Jim and then Clay as a financial planning assistant, I moved over to the corporate team and started to work for Barb. Over the past 8 years I have had the opportunity to do a variety of jobs and learn many aspects of the financial advisory business. Barb has been a fantastic boss and mentor and has taught me so much including patience, listening and understanding. I will be able to carry these skills with me wherever the future takes me, both personally and professionally.

Finally I want to thank everyone in the office again for the beautiful, thoughtful gift. The Journey Circle Pendant is gorgeous and is a perfect symbol for the adventure that I am about to embark on in my life.

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